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It ain’t sexy but…

It ain’t sexy but…

All too often, when trying to promote goods and services, organisations are tempted to ‘sex up’ their promise: ● A ‘one time’ only offer ● This week only, 50% off ● Hurry while stocks last ● I’ve been warned that stocks are low The problem with all these are that they...

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January Sales

Everyone loves a bargain, but perhaps it’s a good time, at the end of January to reflect on special offers, and what true effect they have on our business. Are we genuinely trying to move dated or old season stock with clear and fair reductions: in which case the...

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A simple slow selling action you can take every day

Statistics show that business owners are among the loneliest in the workplace. In fact: we could all do with a bit more praise and bit less criticism and bad news, couldn't we? One of the best ways of not only making someone else's day better, and, by the way, making...

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Overcoming adversity belief in selling

As we know, our beliefs dictate our actions, through our emotions. One of the key problems with ‘speedy selling’ is that ‘It’s tough out there’ and ‘You have to fight to win’. This kind of adversity belief will produce small minded actions, and you’ll end up back into...

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Level 5 Leadership in Selling

                      In his seminal book on how operational effectiveness, ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins outlined that becoming ‘great’ was not a matter of luck, and, was not even that difficult: it was in fact a matter of mindset, systems and discipline: disciplined...

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A customer’s REAL needs

In a nutshell, ‘customers’ just want three things from a seller: Attention An easier or better situation (than they have currently) Trust Customers ALWAYS act emotionally, in order to get a mixture of the above outcomes … there are no exceptions. So, if you want to be...

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