Slow Selling a Cumberland Sausage - Slow Selling

Good butchers are a rare breed nowadays, but the best that I know of is situated in a small side street, in a small town in northern Cumbria. Famed for their homemade pies they also make a fantastic proper Cumberland sausage.

Their product offering is outstanding, but they match this with their customer service, never rushing a customer despite the queue being out of the door, always taking time to have a bit of banter, and ALWAYS ending in a broad Cumbrian accent with “noo then is there innythin else ah can git ya?” in that cheeky way that often results in an extra sale, but never fails to make the customer feel special and raise a smile.

I’m fairly sure they don’t look at their selling techniques as SLOW selling (but it is) to them its just the way they do stuff, it’s the right way for a business that is so much a part of the community to conduct itself, interesting that they are thriving whilst all around Britain’s high street is struggling …

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