What Is Slow Selling?


Selling is a noble profession that:

Should add value by getting the right products to the right people in the right place at the right time

It should help people get what they need in order to be successful and happy in their lives

But a terrible thing has happened to this noble profession over the last couple of hundred years.

As mechanisation, brands and one way mass media has dominated the world of commerce: this world of plenty and over supply has severely warped the world of selling to such an extent where it has almost become a dirty word.

This shows up in behaviours (from both individuals and organisations) such as:

  • Quick fix ‘selling techniques’
  • Over egged marketing promises
  • Customers being hoodwinked or ignored

Which results in:

  • Unnecessary stress and aggro
  • Massive customer indifference
  • Continual customer switching
  • Underperformance against targets
  • At extreme levels, fraud and cheating becoming standard

But the world has now changed.

We are in the age of organisational transparency, two-way mass communication, worldwide whistleblowing and online customer empowerment.

This ‘brave new world’ calls urgently for a return to traditional values, such as:

  • Customer attraction through genuine attention and value
  • Unconditional trust
  • Customer retention and reputation
  • Customer engagement through feedback and collaboration

This is the ‘Slow Selling’approach to selling:

‘Slow Selling’ is about treating your customer as you’d want to be treated, in everything you do, so that they queue up to buy from you, buy all they can from you, become fiercely loyal and rave about you behind your back. 

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