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Overcoming adversity belief in selling

As we know, our beliefs dictate our actions, through our emotions. One of the key problems with ‘speedy selling’ is that ‘It’s tough out there’ and ‘You have to fight to win’. This kind of adversity belief will produce small minded actions, and you’ll end up back into...

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Level 5 Leadership in Selling

                      In his seminal book on how operational effectiveness, ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins outlined that becoming ‘great’ was not a matter of luck, and, was not even that difficult: it was in fact a...

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A customer’s REAL needs

In a nutshell, ‘customers’ just want three things from a seller: Attention An easier or better situation (than they have currently) Trust Customers ALWAYS act emotionally, in order to get a mixture of the above outcomes … there are no exceptions. So, if you want to be...

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The 4 dimensions of selling

In any activity there are always 4 dimensions, yet so often we only ever consider one of them... In selling this is very match the case, often more than many other activities : because selling directly connects to our basic animal instincts of fight or flight (we get...

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Real vs. informal influence

In a sales process it is normal to assume that the company structure determines the company decision-making. But, in reality, quite the reverse is true. Very often influence is practiced within organisations in very unusual and unexpected ways. The marketing...

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Slow Driving for fast and safe results on the M6

I have to regularly travel up and down the M6 its not the most enjoyable part of my life but its often difficult to avoid, recently my daughter who was travelling with me asked why large chunks of it was limited to 50mph rather than the more normal 70mph limit? “How...

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