Licensing - Slow Selling



‘Slow Selling’ material is free to use, but, in order to guarantee the quality and integrity of the material, we do insist that anyone wanting to do so, is properly trained, licensed and signed up to a CPD programme organised by us.

‘Slow Selling’ is a not for profit movement for change, so costs to become licensed are kept low.

Internal licensing (for use inside your organisation) takes 2 days training, and the fee for this is £1700+vat per person, plus expenses. This training happens in your place of work, and discounts apply for more than 1 person trained at any time.

External licensing (for use to train and coach others outside your organisation) takes 3 days training, and one day coaching on thew job. The fee for this is £3250+vat per person, and the training generally takes place in the Midlands.

Monthly CPD fee is £99+vat: this includes:

  • Monthly coaching
  • Monthly CPD information
  • Annual CPD conference

For more information, please contact Brendan at



International Licensing

We welcome approaches to license ‘Slow Selling’ in your marketplace.

We’d aim to work with you to create a win/win agreement, where you can thrive by using the material whilst we support you behind the scenes to keep the integrity of the material and give you the tools you need.

Please contact to have a slow conversation.