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The Slow Selling Philosophy

We believe that the world of buying and selling is inherently dysfunctional.

Dominated by biological drives and learned behaviours, buyers and sellers routinely get poor results and high levels of stress: and multi billions are squandered pointlessly every year on pandering to these drives.

This is resource, time and effort that could instead be used more profitably to make life significantly more rewarding for all.

On top of that, the world is getting more complicated every day, your customers are becoming ever smarter and less loyal, multiple web and social media channels seem to scream for your attention, new marketing and sales gizmos come out of nowhere, and no one really seems to know where to turn.

We believe that the answer lies is simple ideas executed well, simple systems applied properly, and empowered people focusing on the real needs of your customers.

In simple terms: slowing down, being real, and appealing to those who are fed up with hype, false promises and the constant screaming for attention.

We believe that, given the right information, tools and beliefs, we can all rise above the quagmire of the dysfunctional norm, and instead enjoy transformational relationships and experiences in the way we interact with each other as a species.

Indeed, we believe your very survival depends on it.

These beliefs are what this movement is about. To read more about ‘The Slow Selling Story’ please click here.

Guy Arnold founder of ‘Slow Selling’

We suggest that real and long term success depends on you ‘selling’ in a way that shows you want a customer for the next 20 years … not just the next 20 minutes! If you want world-class levels of customer attraction, retention, loyalty, reputation and referrals, you have to go out of your way to achieve this … it won’t come by luck … ever. This is what the principles, systems and tools of Slow Selling will achieve for you.

If you agree with the ideas we put forward, then we invite you to join us and be part of the movement and/or become licensed to spread the word and promote and train this material to others.

‘Slow Selling’ is a not for profit movement: all ‘Slow Selling’ material is free to use, but, in order to preserve quality & integrity, we insist that you muct be fully trained and licensed by one of our licensed partners, and commit to a CPD programme organised by us.

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