The death of the High St according to Mountfords

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We hear a lot at the moment about the death of the high street, but it’s not all doom and gloom: my local hardware store (in a rundown part of town) is thriving, in fact, for me, a trip into town isn’t complete without popping into Mountfords.

It’s not the wide range of products stocked (although they do cram an inordinate amount into a tiny shop) that attracts me, it’s not the prices, – they are fair but not the cheapest, it’s certainly not the ease of shopping experience, parking is difficult and when customers walk in or out the wind fair whistles in from the street.

Picture courtesy of: https://alittlebitofstone.com/2014/06/30/hidden-gems-of-stone-mountfords-2/

So why do I love this shop?

Quite simply it’s their attitude: nothing is too much trouble, and their starting point is all about helping. In the nicest (and non-condescending) manner they gently quiz you about what you are doing and what results you hope to achieve, and they ‘suggest’ the best solution for you, usually they stock it and point it out on the shelf or get it from the store, and because they know their stuff and suggest a solution rather than sell a commodity, you get a nice warm feeling of confidence and start reaching for the plastic.

Before the sale is completed they always ask if you want such and such that complements what you have just bought (to save you another trip into town) and always “is there anything else I can help you with today? ….thank-you”

Once I’ve paid, I leave with a warm sense of satisfaction that I have what I need and I haven’t been ripped off, and their reassurance that if it’s not right I can bring it back at any time (in 20 years I’ve never had to avail myself of this kind offer).

Mountfords don’t do advertising or marketing, but they have a loyal and growing band of customers who treasure their store. They are a great example of ‘Slow Selling’


Written by Brendan Donnelly [email protected]


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