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The ‘Slow Selling’ Story

After taking a degree in law at Exeter University in the UK, Guy Arnold decided that law wasn’t designed for him so he took a job as a beer sales rep in Kent. After much to-ing and fro-ing, he became a top salesperson, largely by mistake.

Guy was then headhunted to start a new Pub Company in London and progressed to become a brand builder with the wonderful cask beer brand called ‘Tap and Spile’ . This led, through many trials and tribulations to the development of a brand that enabled down at heel pubs to be transformed with very little investment… just a lot of commitment: through all this Guy learnt that the key to success in a business was reputation, loyalty and referrals.

Guy then bought his own business, with his new wife Alison: a pub and hotel in Devon: this was in the process of being repossessed by the bank and, between them, they turned it round to become a roaring success, putting down unshakeable roots in this wonderful part of Devon.

From all this experience, Guy had learnt that the key ingredients to long-term business success in business were , in this order:

  1. Obsessive focus on the customer, in the belief that if we get it right for them, the prophets will follow: not the other way round.
  2. Obsessive focus of all systems and processes on fulfilling the customers’ emotional needs ( in the case of a pub: to feel welcomed and looked after, no matter what).
  3. Continual improvement in small steps.
  4. Holding everyone accountable through measures of quality and behaviour that make all the difference.

After this, Guy joined a small Pub Company that then expanded continue to become the largest Pub Company in the UK. At the same time, Guy was quickly promoted within the company and became the Field Operations Director , not only responsible for operation of half of the business, but also responsible for the relationship with the licensees in the organisation and for their training and support to help them drive continual business improvement through consistent and continually improving customer experiences .

This lead Guy to start putting his ideas and thoughts onto paper and to start developing the principles and systems that we see today as ‘Slow Selling’.

These principles and systems have been proven to work, not only because they are based on the principles of blindingly obvious common sense , but also because they have a proven track record in the many diverse situations they have been applied to!

Guy now works with organisations large and small, public and private, and helps them lever these principles and systems to build continual success both physically in sales, emotionally in loyalty and reputation, mentally in continual improvement, and spiritually in deep fulfillment in a job well done for all the right reasons in the right way.

These principles and systems are now available to you to apply to your business or organisation, or to train and use to help others : the material is free to use, as ‘Slow Selling’ is a not-for-profit movement, but we do insist that if you want to do this you must be trained by someone licensed by us and commit to a monthly programme of CPD, organised by us .

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